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How does Patreon help?

Jessica is a full time working artist. Every print, commission, class and Patreon subscription help her to survive. From helping to pay bills, to providing her a place to call home. Patreon is also a way for Jessica to connect with her audience on a more personal level as well as gives her the time to produce more content and spread her message. Jessica's goal is to promote art education, mental health awareness and how art can play a role in healing, as well as pushing the imagination to tell the most imaginative of stories through her images and words. 


  • What is Patreon? - Patreon is a subscription service, where the patron chooses a tier level and gets access to content that the artist/ maker/ content creator has developed. Patreon is a way for artists to support their business through the help of their patrons, and the rewards are a way for the content creator to give back. 

  • What are Reward Tiers? - Each content creator that has a Patreon has different rewards depending on the patron's level or commitment. Tiers for Jessica's Patreon start at $1/ Month and go up to $50/ Month. Each reward tier has it's own special reward, with each tier going up in price having access to all of the content below it. 

  • How long is a commitment to a Patreon subscription? - Patreon subscriptions go month to month,. You can cancel at any time prior to the beginning of the next month. Or change your tier level. 

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