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Commission Information

What Are You Looking To Have Drawn?

If there is a commission you're looking to have done and you don't see an option here, please contact me at or submit a Contact Form. I will try my best to work with you. If you are looking for a mural, please contact me directly to discuss location, footage and materials so a quote can be developed. Thank you!

Large Traditional Illustration Commission Inquiry

To sign up for a traditional illustration commission, please fill in the form below. This form is for 9x12 or 11x17 Traditional Marker Illustrations ONLY. 

Are You Ok With This Commission Being Live Streamed?
Commission Type
Do You Want The Sketches? (+$15)
Do You Want Framing?
Receiving Options

Terms of Service

Please note that commissions are not strictly on a first come, first serve basis. I will decide what projects I take on and if they fit into my schedule. However it is in your best interest to submit a commission form as soon as possible, as I read them in the order that I receive them.


Personal Preferences

I will Draw:

- Human or Human Like Original Characters

- Creature Designs

- Anime/ Comic/ Video Game/ Cartoon Fan Art

- Mild Nudity

- Backgrounds

- Hand Lettering

I Will Not Draw:

- NSFW Sexual Content

- Full Nudity

- Furies

- Fetish's 

- Images with a heavy religious or political overtone

- I will not alter someone else's work (For example color or ink a previous commission from another artist)

- I will not alter an object (For example, a box, a card, a toy...)


A 50% down payment is required for any large commission before I can begin working on the project.

I will send in invoice requesting the deposit once the commission as been accepted. The deposit can be paid directly through the invoice. 

On small commissions, such as the 4x6 Character Commission or the Commission Your Own Inkblot Monster, payment is accepted in full upfront before I can begin work. Unless multiple quantities are ordered.


If you have a commission that was previously either only penciled or inked you can bring it back at a later date to have it inked, or colored or both as needed/ wanted. The cost of the original commission will be deducted from the cost of the continued commission.  


The Process

My work is split into 4 stages. The sketch phase, where we determine through 2 different rough sketches which idea you prefer. The pencil stage, where I lay everything out on the paper (this is the stage were small edits can be made, however if there are significant edits there will be a $15 fee added on to your order). The next stage is inking. Here is where all of the line work is done. The last stage is coloring. 

During the commission process you will receive updates  from me throughout each stage of the commission process. I ask that you do not share these updates on social media. These updates will be pictures I take from my phone and sent to you via your preferred communication method. 

**Please Note on a 4x6 Character Commission you will not receive any WIP photo's as these are draw pretty with a less intensive drawing process**


All commissions can take from 4 to 12 weeks to complete. Sometimes longer depending upon my schedule. If I feel that a commission will take longer than 6 weeks I will make sure to inform you while we are setting up the commission. You will be provided with an estimated delivery date. I will also discuss with you if the commission is a gift and what needs to be done to meet your gift deadline. However, If you need a piece completed within less than 3 weeks a rush fee of $50 will be applied. Please try and get your commissions in at least a month in advance.  

**Patience is greatly appreciated as I not only offer commission services through my business, but teaching services as well. And, there are certain points of the year that my teaching schedule is more packed than others. I am also the primary caretaker for a sick family member and I have my own autoimmune condition.**


A commission can be canceled, however the deposit is non refundable. 

Watermark and Image Usage

Once your commission has been complete, you will be provided with a scan of your piece (of course the original!). With these files one will be watermarked and one will be a normal image. Please if your are sharing on social media use the watermarked image and post credits to me under @JessicaNunnoArt. This helps to protect my work as an artist. However you can use the scan of the image however you would like. 

Copyright and Streaming

I own all of the rights to my artwork and I use my work as I see fit. However if your illustration is a gift I will wait and do any posting on the internet/ social media until after the agreed upon date.

Please do not alter or claim it as yours. 

Please do not try and start rivalries between myself and other artists by asking another artist to copy my style. 

In the commission form you have the option of letting me live stream your commission. It's perfectly ok to say no. It is greatly appreciated though if I am able!

Small Traditional Illustration Commission Inquiry

To sign up for a traditional illustration commission, please fill in the form below. This form is for 4x6 Character Commissions Commission Your Favorite Pokémon (Or Symbol/ Tiny Character), and Commission Your Own Inkblot Monster only. 

Are You Ok With This Commission Being Live Streamed?
Commission Type
Do You Want Framing?
Receiving Options
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