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Art Club

Junior Illustrator's Guild

Meeting every Thursday at 3:00 PM CST on Zoom


To register for the Art Club, please take the time to fill out the information below. 

Student Information

Parent Information

FAQ's and Terms and Conditions

What is the Junior Illustrator's Guild? 

JIG is an Art Club hosted by Jessica Nunno of Jessica Nunno Art. A place for teenagers (middle school and high school students) can come to express their interest in art. It's a place where these teenagers can come and find other people their age who have similar interests to them and they can socialize with. You may ask though, what do we work on? We meet once a week on Thursdays at 3:00 PM CST on Zoom for our in person club meeting, where we challenge each other with art prompts to expand our imaginations. Every other day the club member has access to a Discord Server where we host art challenges, Jessica posts reference material for art that she is always researching, all club members provide feedback on each others work, and they find common interests. In this club Jessica provides more facilitation and guidance than she does individual instruction. Instruction on specifics in art is provided through her classes. 

Is JIG an in person club? 

Junior Illustrator's Guild is an Art Club hosted 100% online. We have members from multiple states, and in multiple time zones. So, instead we meet in two different places, once a week for an hour to an hour and a half we meet on Zoom so we can all work live together. Throughout the rest of the week the club members (students) have access to a Discord Server for JIG. They can interact in the channels whenever they would like. 

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conference platform that allows real time communication through a web camera and your devices audio. There is also a chat base too, to allow for text based communication in real time. Available on multiple devices.

Download Zoom Here

What is Discord? 

Discord is a VoIP software that allows for Voice, Video and Text. It is an online community where groups of people can gather in once place, online. Think of Discord like a chat room, that is always going. Available on multiple devices. 

Download Discord Here

Does Junior Illustrator's Guild Cost Anything?

JIG does not cost anything. This is a service Jessica offers as a way to give back to my community. She has a personal goal of helping inspire the next generation of artists, and to give these young artists a safe place to express their artwork and interests. 

JIG is an extension of her work as an Art Instructor. Many of the members of this Art Club are also students of hers, either current or past. JIG/Art Club is also a way for her to reach new potential students for her group classes and personalized art lessons. Jessica will send out email's to all of the parents of my registered club members with updates at the beginning of each month with information on Group Classes, Personalized (Private) Art Lessons and Junior Illustrator's Guild information/ updates. 

Although, she do offer JIG as a free service, donations are always appreciated. They help keep her work  as a full time Freelance Illustrator and Art Instructor going.

Donations can be sent to - 

GooglePay -

CashApp - $JessicaNunnoArt

Venmo - @JessicaNunnoArt

Who is eligible to join Junior Illustrator's Guild?

Any teenger between the ages of 11 and 18 may join the JIG Art Club. It is required that I have parent consent for you to join, so I need every club members parent contact information. It should be known that Junior Illustrator's Guild is an all inclusive club. That means we are respectful of all Religions/ Spiritual Practices, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Race, Economic Background, Disabilities and Mental Illnesses.

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