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About The Artist

Jessica Ann Nunno

Jessica is a Freelance Illustrator, Teaching Artist and Storyteller. Developing a love for stories at a young age she grabbed almost any book she could get her hands on and watched any movie she had access to. This is how her love of science fiction grew. Watching TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Tales From the Crypt and the X-Files starting from the time she was still in single digits. At the same time her love of stories was developing so was her love of art. She was the classic art kid who always had a box of crayons, a set of water colors and burned through a lot of paper. Jessica doesn't remember a time in her life when she wasn't drawing. 

This would lead her to pursue a career in art. Specifically Illustration. The profession of artist storytellers. She went to the School of Visual arts in New York City where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. She has since taken a number of other professional development classes including psychology, arts integration, business... and additional classes on skills she is working to develop in her career as artist. 

She now works as a full time freelancer and runs her own business. She has a working studio at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment. The largest private owned art community in the south. She works is contracted by The Huntsville Museum of Art and the North Alabama Arts Education Collaborative a subsection of Arts Huntsville. Within these two organizations Jessica teaches a wide variety of topics including, traditional drawing with a focus on the art principals and elements as well as anatomy, comic and anime art incorporating creative writing and story telling elements, mixed media, sculpture (anywhere from clay to combining various elements to create unique 3D sculptures), modern and traditional calligraphy and hand lettering and more. On a weekly basis Jessica works with Pre K students all the way on up to adults. As a part of her own business she teaches personalized one on one art lessons, her own group lessons and workshops, and runs an art club for preteens and teenagers. 

Jessica is also contracted as an illustrator to complete various projects for different clients, work on private/ personal commissions and comic work. She also works as a fine artist taking on public art commissions and presenting both solo and group gallery shows. 

Jessica is a well known artist and art teacher in North Alabama. She has received awards for her work including the Best of Huntsville for Artistic Services 2021 & 2022. The Gold Award for the Illustration Category in the World Association of Artists International Art Competition for her piece "Silent" in 2022. The Illustration and Graphics Award for Troy Art Festival in 2022 and the 2nd Place in Show Award for her piece "Phunky Eucalyptus Tree"  from the Walker County Arts Alliance in 2022. 


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Jessica Ann Nunno - Artists CV

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